Before the Sky Fell

Before the Sky Fell - Aria Michaels I absolutely loved this book! I'm not usually big on prequels since they tend to be short and I always feel like there is something missing, but Aria Michaels did a wonderful job with this book. It was not novel length, but was much longer than a normal 90 page prequel. Starting the Icarus journey was great and not so great. I was able to relate to Liv at so many different places in this book that it was actually kind of scary. She has the typical teen angst attitude to start with, a little brother whom she loves and 2 loving parents. Tragedy strikes but thankfully saves Liv and Beans. Now we have a roller coaster of guilt, anger, pity, and fear all wrapped in a bow of a group home and the foster care system. I am not going to give any more away, but you definitely need to take this ride with Liv and Beans. **But, while on this journey be prepared for all kinds of emotions to come flowing out of you. I laughed, got angry, and cried all multiple times in this story. I'm now on to book 2, Killshot, because I HAVE to find out what is next!